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Pet Spaces – 5 Tips for Designing a Pet Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is often a central hub of the home for family and four-legged friends. According to the 2022 PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report, 27% of UK adults now own a dog, with the number of people owning a pet significantly increasing over the past year, prompting a rise in pet friendly kitchen designs.

Open Plan Grey Kitchen

Whether you’re planning a new kitchen, designing a pet friendly utility room or simply want to update your space before bringing a new furry friend home, we’ve shared a few clever design ideas and pet friendly storage features below.

Pet Friendly Kitchen Layout

Your kitchen footprint and the lifestyle you lead will most likely dictate the design of a pet-friendly layout. A designated space away from the hustle and bustle of primary prep and cooking areas is a must. If you have the space, it’s worth considering a separate boot room, utility or fusion of the two. Here your four-legged friends can have a quiet corner of their own to rest, dedicated storage and space for their food bowl away from busy kitchen areas.

Light Grey Boot Room

Cosy Corners to Relax

Furry family members need a quiet space to relax and sleep. Dog beds don’t usually fit with the aesthetic of a luxury kitchen, but a bespoke dog nook can be designed to fit within your space, blending form and function seamlessly. These pet spaces should be tucked away from high-traffic areas and cooking hazards. At Tom Howley, you can even personalise these dedicated corners with your beloved pets name.

Light Grey Boot Room

Dedicated Pet Storage Ideas

Pets come with an assortment of belongings which require storage, ensuring a clean and clutter-free kitchen. A designated area within your utility or boot room is perfect for storing pet supplies. If you don’t have a separate space, set aside a pull-out pantry or cupboard in your kitchen. Open shelving can be a great alternative to closed cabinets for food, treats, and other items you need to access multiple times a day. Leads, toys, towels and bowls can be stored in bespoke drawers, hooks or within intelligent, tall pantry storage, keeping everything together in easy reach.

Bespoke Boot Rooms

Out of Reach Bin Solutions

Integrated bin solutions are a fantastic way to keep curious paws from eating food or materials that could harm them. Choose from a range of single or double configurations expertly concealed in your kitchen cabinetry, utility or boot room. You can even use integrated bin solutions to store dog biscuits out of reach.

Chicory Painted Boot Room

Durable, Easy-Clean Materials

Durable, easy-clean materials are a must when designing a pet-friendly kitchen. Occasional accidents happen, and muddy paws are a given, so choosing a flooring material that can stand up to regular cleaning, scratches and stains is essential. 
Many busy family homes now favour porcelain tiles as they require very little maintenance. Technological strides in the last few years mean they are virtually indistinguishable from the natural tiles they are mimicking. You can learn more about choosing the right kitchen flooring for you here.

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Easy-to-clean work surfaces are also necessary when dogs or cats have free reign in your home. Quartz is perfect for kitchens as its non-porous texture doesn’t allow bacteria to grow. It’s easy to clean, making it less susceptible to staining, and as well as being durable, quartz comes in a range of beautiful colours.

Kitchen Safety Tips for Pets

Speak to one of our design experts to discover how we can create the perfect kitchen for both you and your beloved pets. Find your nearest showroom or book a free home design visit.