Paint Colours

Each of our carefully chosen colours has been developed for our kitchen collections, creating an exclusive palette that showcases the high-quality craftsmanship and design of every Tom Howley kitchen. Our designers will work with you to select the paints and finishes that suit your style and will work beautifully in your home. Read More

High Grade Luxury Paints

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Hazy Sky

Hazy Sky, has a subtle green softness that transforms interiors with its atmospheric grace and understated elegance.

Green Meadow

Green Meadow is a versatile shade that infuses interiors with tranquility and has an irresistible, smoky charm.


A calm, blue-toned grey that is particularly suited to panelling or areas where you want the light to bounce around.


Versatile yet confident, this grey tone tips the balance towards a darker scheme, contrasting beautifully with metallic accents.


Rich and warm in tone, yet light in colour, Lovage is an excellent choice for areas where you want to create a sense of space.


This deep, dark blue with green undertones contrasts beautifully with other mid to light blues and shades of green.


A cool blue-grey, Iris is a gentle backdrop to bright and airy kitchen spaces – perfect for areas with lots of daylight.

Inky Sky

Inspired by the deep, velvety blue of an evening seascape, Inky Sky brings a sense of occasion to your space.


Dark and dramatic, Dewberry can be an intense foil for brighter shades or the contrast colour for monochrome schemes.


A warm, mid-grey with comforting tones, Comfrey is an ideal choice for contemporary colour schemes.


This soft, mid-grey that looks incredible on traditional cabinetry and paintwork, instantly warming and embracing spaces.


Cool blue hues make their presence known in this elegant paint shade that contrasts well with darker greys.


This dramatic dark green looks almost black in softer lighting. It’s great for rooms where you want to add impact.


This warm neutral works naturally with a range of colours and is a perfect pick for busy living spaces.


Thistle is a modern, light and elegant neutral that works beautifully in traditional spaces and contrasts well with white.


Tansy is a beautiful, understated neutral that contrasts with grey or sandy-coloured mid-tones.

Stormy Sky

Sophisticated and confident, this impactful, red-based black is destined to make a statement.


This bright, pure white paint contains no other tones for a perfectly cool, clean and pristine finish.

Pink Dusk

This muted, yet romantic shade of pink works well with warm shades of mid-grey for a contemporary result.


A soft greenish grey with golden undertones that work well with both chrome and brass-coloured hardware.


A tawny shade of greige, this is the colour of sand just before it transitions to a pearl inside the shell.


A delicate, barely-there shade with a flush of soft grey blooming through. Classic and simple.


This mid-tone shade of blue-grey has a traditional feel that gives an elegant edge to classic kitchen designs.


Complement your space with a splash of black. This deep, enigmatic shade is modern, bold and totally confident.


A Tried and Tested Process

Our specially developed palette of 24 paint colours consists of pure whites, dramatic darks, timeless neutrals and a handful of unique brights for those who crave something a little different. We spend hours ensuring our kitchen paint colours work in harmony with each other, so that you can mix and match until you find the perfect combination.

Perfectly Finished

The Final Coat

Your beautiful bespoke furniture is hand finished in-situ with your chosen shade of high-quality paint, exclusive to Tom Howley. When you see a hand-painted kitchen, that’s been finished by a craftsman, not a machine, you can immediately see its individual charm and superior quality.

An Exceptional Reputation

Find a Showroom

The journey to your own luxury bespoke kitchen begins with a visit to a Tom Howley showroom. See for yourself the exquisite quality of our kitchens, discover our range of finishing touches and discuss your ideas with one of our experienced designers.

The journey to your own luxury bespoke kitchen begins with a visit to a Tom Howley showroom.

colour inspiration

Our Favourite Colour Schemes

We love nothing more than to mix and match our unique paint colours to create incredible solutions and effects to enhance the finished result of every kitchen. The colour schemes are as bespoke as the cabinetry, and single colours or several colour combinations can deliver breath-taking results.

Azurite and Sorrel

Combining cool blues with pure white creates depth to the island and wall cupboards, bringing out the lines and symmetry of the cabinetry and helping the light to highlight even the darkest corners. It’s a pairing that will excite the imagination at any time of day or night. Read more

Marjoram and Tansy

If ever two colours were meant to be side-by-side, it’s Marjoram and Tansy. These soft, tawny greys add character and an extra dimension to this kitchen space, bringing together a timeless colour combination that will be a wonderful talking point at your next dinner party. Read more

Stormy Sky

This shade brings drama and storytelling into the heart of your kitchen. Inspired by the grey and purple colours that combine just before a storm, the beautiful hues that create this unique paint colour bring out the character of the cabinetry to show every part of this kitchen in its best light. Read more

Lithadora and Thistle

Two contrasting shades of light and dark bring movement and interest to this kitchenscape. Full of natural daylight, the stronger blue shade focuses attention on the island, while the paler shade draws your eye to the soaring ceiling height of this beautifully renovated space. Read more

It’s All About the Details

Exquisite Features as Standard

Each and every element of our kitchens receives the same level of attention to detail and personal care that makes Tom Howley unique. Visit one of our showrooms to feel the smooth stone of our work surfaces, see our quality craftsmanship and discover all of the details available to make your kitchen truly unique to you.