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A Tranquil Escape: Bespoke Bedroom and Dressing Room Design in Surrey

At Tom Howley, we don’t just create culinary havens; we curate complete living experiences, widening our expertise to almost every corner of the home. Through our “other rooms” offering, we extend the same level of craftsmanship and thoughtful functionality to bedrooms and dressing rooms, ensuring these spaces are as stylish as they are serene.

We’re excited to share details of our latest bespoke bedroom and dressing room project, nestled within the confines of a full-house refurbishment in Surrey. You may have seen this stunning home recently on our blog, as it also boasts a stunning Tom Howley kitchen and bar area.

Elegant Dressing Room

Bespoke Bedroom Wardrobes: Where Serenity Meets Function

Aligned with the interior design vision for their home, our clients sought a refined and tranquil space where modern conveniences seamlessly melded with timeless design and comfort.

This bedroom forms part of a three-room suite comprising the main bedroom, adjoining dressing room, and bathroom. The bespoke bedroom wardrobes serve as the centrepiece of this sanctuary. Embodying the aesthetic envisioned by the clients, our Devine collection was chosen, characterised by grand proportions, raised and fielded doors, majestic cornices, and refined corner pillars.

Bespoke Bedroom Wardrobes

A Fusion of Open and Closed Storage

A thoughtful fusion of open and closed wardrobe storage ensures every garment and accessory has its rightful place. Prior to embarking on the design for this space, it was imperative to carefully assess the clients’ wardrobe requirements, from hanging heights to shoe size. This preliminary step enabled us to tailor the wardrobe internals precisely to their needs. The two central wardrobes feature a versatile array of internal configurations, including tall and double-rail hanging options, which are ideal for an effortless outfit selection. Additionally, they boast adjustable shelving, suitable for neatly folding knitwear and discretely storing hat boxes.

On either side of the closed wardrobes, a symmetrical arrangement of drawer storage and open shelving enhances the room’s visual depth, while introducing variation to the otherwise uninterrupted run of cabinetry. The clients opted for our peaceful colour, Tansy, which sets the tone for the entire space, creating a sense of serenity that invites relaxation. The addition of polished nickel-reeded knobs provides a final touch of refinement, harmonising effortlessly with the room’s hardware and lighting fixtures.

Uniquely Tailored Dressing Room

This impressive dressing room echoes the same serene aesthetic established in the bedroom. It’s a room full of character, with floor-to-ceiling Georgian-style windows at one end and a luxurious hotel-style bathroom at the other. Through thoughtful layout planning, every corner has been optimised to its fullest potential.

A Blend of Storage Solutions

Much like the bedroom wardrobes, this custom-designed dressing room integrates open and closed storage, optimising the room’s vertical space. The clients chose two opposing sets of closed storage to cater to various wardrobe needs, offering a versatile mix of hanging options. Whether long rails for dresses and coats or shorter spaces for blouses and shirts, every garment finds its designated spot, ensuring both care and accessibility. Concealed drawers within the wardrobes create storage for delicate items, while high shelves accommodate off-season clothing. Embracing a thoughtful “his and hers” layout like this allows for personalised organisation.

Throughout the space, mirrored wardrobe doors contribute to a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, amplifying the room’s airy ambience by reflecting and dispersing natural light. To add variation, open shelving has been strategically placed around the sliding bathroom doors, providing convenient access and display space for bags and shoes.

Elegant Dressing Room

No dressing room would be deemed complete without a tailor-made dressing table. Its drawers offer essential storage for hair tools and skincare essentials, while the meticulously proportioned mirror is perfect for morning and evening grooming routines.

The Statement Island: A Hub of Organisation

The crowning jewel of this bespoke dressing room is undoubtedly the opulent central island, elevating the getting-ready experience to new heights. Given our clients’ penchant for organisation, it was crucial to incorporate storage elements that allowed them to easily view their belongings. Thanks to its expansive dimensions, we were able to integrate features, including deep drawer storage, bespoke inserts for ties, belts, and jewellery, and a sleek surface, perfect for folding clothes or adding a touch of personal flair to the space.

Elegant Dressing Room

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