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Project Spotlight: Blue Summerville Shaker Kitchen

Gone are the days when the country-style shaker kitchen was solely associated with rural farmhouses. Today, this beloved aesthetic seamlessly integrates into modern living spaces, bringing a sense of warmth and nostalgia to contemporary homes. Our newest Summerville project is a testament to this harmonious blend, combining timeless beauty with unparalleled functionality at every turn.

Blue Shaker Kitchen

The Summerville Collection: Modernity Meets Tradition

Featuring in-frame cabinetry, our Summerville collection exudes simplicity, balance, and English charm. Inspired by Shaker design principles, this collection transcends conventional norms by replacing sharp edges with graceful curves and intricate woodwork details. Complemented by tongue and groove panelling for added texture and curved worktop edges to impart a softened aesthetic, each element contributes to the timeless beauty of this considered collection.

A Layout Tailored for Multifunctional Living

Hardworking peninsula layouts are ideally suited for open-plan living. Here, we’ve seamlessly integrated cooking, dining, and relaxation areas, embracing the concept of zoning to encourage interaction. You can imagine lively conversations flowing between the peninsula breakfast bar and the designated cooking zone, cultivating an atmosphere of genuine connection and vibrancy.

Symmetry, scale and proportion have been carefully considered, communicating a sense of calm as soon as you step foot in the kitchen. You’ll discover symmetrical Miele banked appliances on either side of the central cooking zone. Additionally, uniform sets of cabinets and pull-out storage encircling the sink area contribute to the overall sense of equilibrium and seamless flow within the space.

Blue Shaker Kitchen

Innovative Storage Solutions

Functionality was paramount within the design due to its limited footprint. Innovative storage solutions are cleverly incorporated throughout, optimising every inch. From spacious cabinets with magic corners to bespoke drawers with cutlery inserts and full-height cabinets with concealed drawers, efficiency is maximised without sacrificing style. Pull-out bin solutions, towel rails, tray units, and deep drawers in the cooking zone have been meticulously designed to streamline daily routines.

Blue Shaker Kitchen

Sleek Miele Appliances

Top-tier appliances are a must-have in today’s modern kitchen, and this culinary space is no different. Flexible Miele appliances seamlessly merge into the cabinetry, strategically arranged for optimal functionality. The state-of-the-art sleek black Miele induction hob and extractor streamline cooking processes while infusing a contemporary twist into the timeless Summerville design. Serving as a versatile centrepiece, an under-counter Miele wine fridge has been thoughtfully incorporated and conveniently positioned alongside the social seating area, inviting you to relax and indulge in a glass or two in style.

Blue Shaker Kitchen

Bespoke Social Seating

Central to this shaker kitchen design is a bespoke breakfast table crafted of dusted oak and perfectly integrated within the peninsular layout. The curved design invites comfort and conversation, complemented by opulent seating for three, making it an idyllic setting for relishing a leisurely breakfast, hosting a celebratory gathering, or simply savouring a cup of coffee while attending to emails.

Blue Shaker Kitchen

Shaker Kitchen Finishing Touches Beyond the Ordinary

We’ve had fun with colour in this kitchen, which adds depth and vitality to the space. 2024 welcomes blue tones with renewed vibrancy, and our “Inky Sky” paint colour confidently embraces this trend. Think of a velvety blue reminiscent of a stormy twilight sky, adding a touch of drama to the space. Dusted oak details introduce a tactile dimension, creating a striking contrast against the smooth, light-reflecting Caesarstone Organic White worktops.

Blue Shaker Kitchen

Our meticulous attention to detail serves as the hallmark of this design. Brushed nickel accessories, such as handles and drawer pulls, impart warmth and character, while the inclusion of indoor plants infuses a sense of serenity from nature. These final touches are what truly imbue a kitchen with the essence of home, reflecting your individuality and fostering a space you’ll cherish for years to come.

If you want to start your journey to owning a Tom Howley kitchen, why not book your free design visit today or visit one of our showrooms to explore our exquisite collections.