Finishing Touches That Make All the Difference: Q&A with Bidbury & Co

When it comes to crafting your dream kitchen, every detail matters. From appliances and taps to worktops and handles, these finishing touches add personality and make all the difference to the look and feel of your space.

Often overlooked, kitchen taps are surprisingly impactful. Used multiple times throughout the day, they influence function and style. Bidbury & Co offers the perfect blend of quality, performance, and elegance to elevate your kitchen design. We recently spoke to their experts to gain valuable insights on choosing the ideal tap for your home.

Q&A with Bidbury & Co

What factors should you consider when choosing a kitchen tap?

When selecting a kitchen tap, it’s crucial to consider the functionality of the sink area. A deep sink allows for a classic high-arc tap, such as the Amesbury, which enables the filling of large pots and jugs without splashing. Shallow sinks work well with lower-profile taps like the Bickton or Stanton. Adding a pull-out rinse like the Charlbury can offer practical benefits for more significant single or double-bowl sinks.

Traditional Shaker Kitchen

It’s also essential to weigh factors like durability, style, and how the finish complements your sink and kitchen decor. Chrome is perfect for its resilience, while patinated brass offers a classic look and is particularly popular at the moment when used in conjunction with the Quooker hot taps.

In your experience, are there any common mistakes homeowners make when choosing a tap for their kitchen?

It is essential to purchase a tap that not only looks good and fits in with your overall design scheme but, more importantly, is compatible with your hot water system and the pressure you have available. The spout height and reach are also crucial factors to consider. Can you easily get your favourite pot under the tap? Even basic tasks like filling the kettle can be difficult if the tap spout is too low.

Sometimes, customers select a tap based on looks without taking into account quality. At Bidbury & Co, we encourage our customers to choose a balance between affordability and quality, with features that suit their needs. It really does pay to go for the most expensive tap you can afford, one that uses the finest quality materials that will not only look good for years to come but also perform as it should.

Traditional Shaker Kitchen

What does Bidbury & Co offer in terms of features or styles that can add a touch of personality to a kitchen?

The Bidbury & Co range of products has the benefit of offering every finish in each one of our taps and waste accessories. That means no matter what tap you choose, a range of accessories will match perfectly. Exclusive to Bidbury & Co, we now manufacture stunning traditional strainer wastes that fuse practicality with a beautiful Victorian design. In addition, you can also utilise our waste disposal air switch cover, waste adaptor or matching sink overflow cover, all manufactured from solid brass, to create an exciting range of perfectly matching solid brass accessories.

Should the kitchen tap’s finish be matched to other hardware, or can contrasting finishes create an interesting look?

While coordinating finishes create a cohesive look, contrasting your kitchen tap with cabinet handles or appliances can add a design flair, giving your kitchen a unique look. For example, polished nickel against warm brass can add depth, while black hardware against white cabinets can elevate your kitchen look to a sharp and contemporary feel.

What style trends are becoming popular, according to Bidbury & Co?

We agree with your 2024 kitchen trend spotlight that aged metals are becoming increasingly popular. Our most sought-after finish this year has been Old English Brass, which develops a unique patina due to having no lacquered finish.  However, this finish looks set to be demoted to second place due to our new lacquered finish – Patinated Brass. The Patinated Brass is a classic antique brass finish that has seen incredible growth, thanks, in some ways, to the popularity of other brands, such as the Quooker hot taps. Adding any of the Bidbury & Co patinated brass products alongside such items gives a fully coordinated look.

Light Green Kitchen Design

A new finish we are seeing an increase in popularity for is our Blackened Brass. A striking finish that adds a touch of drama to any kitchen, it certainly grabs your attention yet somehow manages to blend perfectly into both a traditional and contemporary setting.

Handles to Elevate Your Kitchen Design

Like taps, cabinet hardware is crucial in defining your kitchen’s personality. At Tom Howley, we offer a unique collection of handles and door hinges meticulously curated to complement our stunning kitchen designs. Similar to Bidbury & Co’s dedication to quality and style, our hardware comes in a range of luxurious finishes, from polished chrome to antique brass.

Bespoke Green Media Wall

The beauty lies in the choice. Mixing and matching handle styles in different areas of your kitchen can create a playful and personalised feel. Alternatively, you can maintain a cohesive look by selecting a single finish that complements your taps, lighting, or other design elements.

Worktops: Beauty Meets Durability

While handles add a touch of personality, your worktop is the foundation of your kitchen. Visually beautiful and utterly practical, Caesarstone worktops allow you to achieve an aesthetic you will love without compromising quality or durability. Carefully selected to align with our colour palette, our curated range of Caesarstone surfaces guarantees an option that seamlessly complements your envisioned kitchen design.

Modern Blue Kitchen

You can learn more about Bidbury & Co here. 

It’s worth noting that hardware and kitchen accessories are only available as part of a complete Tom Howley project. We do not supply them separately.