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Project Spotlight: Dark Kitchen Designed for Entertaining

At the core of the household, the kitchen presents an ideal canvas for showcasing individuality and bold schemes. This captivating dark kitchen concept accomplishes precisely that, crafted to be unique yet subtly alluring; it serves as a place that ignites imagination, nurtures bonds, and encapsulates the essence of a family home.

The Kavanagh Kitchen Collection

Our Kavanagh collection is designed to appeal to those who love to cook, entertain and simply showcase their impeccably good taste. The collection offers a simplified version of the shaker style, highlighted by square-framed doors featuring deep bevelled panel detailing, especially notable when paired with darker paint hues. Kavanagh kitchens are defined by their sleek lines, evident in this project within the tall cornices, skirting panels, square-cut island edges, and ample shelving.

Black Modern Kitchen

A Layout Made for Memorable Moments

More than just a culinary space, this distinctive dark Kavanagh kitchen was designed for making memories and forging connections with loved ones.

At its heart lies a stunning central showpiece — the island. This expertly crafted focal point functions as a practical cooking area and transforms into a social focal point for family gatherings and entertainment. The dimensions and configuration of the island align with the room’s layout, with its longest side running parallel to the sink run and a captivating stretch of cabinetry. With ample seating for eight around the island and a seamlessly integrated BORA hob at its centre, it becomes a hub for unforgettable moments and experiences.

Black Modern Kitchen

Innovative Storage: Hidden Gems of Functionality

Symmetry and balance are key principles of shaker design, beautifully exemplified in the aesthetic of this dark kitchen. Behind the elegant doors lie hidden gems of functionality, such as tailored cutlery inserts, spacious drawers, handy bins, and seamlessly integrated appliances. Nestled in the corner of the room, an impressive double pantry offers abundant storage possibilities. Meticulously crafted drawers, door racks, and shelves are thoughtfully arranged to accommodate essential kitchen items and utensils, fostering a clutter-free environment for seamless living.

Dressers with reeded glass doors have been incorporated along the back wall to introduce variety into the expanse of cabinetry. These glazed features serve as elegant showcases for cherished belongings, infusing the space with personality while maintaining impeccable organisation.

Appliances Elevated for the Discerning Cook

No culinary space is truly finished without top-of-the-line appliances that enhance the cooking journey. In this kitchen, a selection of premium-grade appliances take centre stage, revolutionising the cooking experience. Among them are the Wolf M Series Professional ovens, renowned for their precision and performance, alongside the cutting-edge BORA Induction Hob, ensuring unparalleled cooking efficiency. Additionally, including a large Sub-Zero Integrated Fridge Freezer and Wine Cooler brings sophistication and convenience to the kitchen, ideal when entertaining multiple guests.

These high-end appliances not only cater to the standards of passionate chefs but also seamlessly complement the industrial-inspired design of the space. Their sleek stainless steel finish adds a contemporary touch, enhancing the kitchen’s overall aesthetic appeal and functionality.

A Bold Departure from the Ordinary

Our mesmerising Nightshade paint colour envelops the space with its enigmatic blue undertones, creating a dramatic yet undeniably inviting atmosphere. Rather than feeling overwhelming, the darkness is harmonised by elements such as the textured Thistle-painted reeded back panels, which add depth and visual interest. At the same time, the modern glamour of the polished chrome Harper handles gleam in contrast. To counterbalance the intensity of the Nightshade cabinetry, Caesarstone White Attica worktops, boasting a pristine polished finish, offer a striking juxtaposition, resulting in a visually striking and welcoming kitchen.

To complete the design narrative, we’ve introduced bold, painterly monochrome stools, cohesive metallic accessories, vivid green indoor plants and the warmth of Victoria Oak porcelain flooring, culminating in a space that exudes harmony and hospitality.

Black Modern Kitchen

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