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Harrogate Homebuilding Show

Come and visit us at this years Northern Homebuilding and Renovating Show for exquisite kitchen inspiration and expert advice from our Tom Howley designers.

The Homebuilding & Renovating Show offers a wide range of free talks on self-build, renovating, innovative products, extensions and DIY projects. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover exciting designs and start planning your dream project.

Before you visit the show here are some of our top kitchen renovation tips:

Collect inspiration. People are becoming a lot braver with their creative choices, wanting their homes to be individual to them, not just generic. Pinterest has opened up a world of interior design inspiration to a multitude of people. You can use this incredibly creative tool to create mood boards for your own home. Collate colours, new trends, design inspiration, flooring finishes, tiles and more. This makes it easier when showing your designer exactly what look you’re after in your new project.

Consider your floor space, you want your kitchen to feel open and airy, but you don’t want too much space between countertops and islands. Think about the wasted space and how you can utilise it efficiently.

How do you want to utilise the space? Do you want to create a casual entertaining space? For this you could consider incorporating a large island with seating and an integrated wine cooler. Is your kitchen used by the family to enjoy mornings together? If so add an integrated breakfast bar with ample storage and comfy bar stools to your design.

Effective storage can make you feel instantly organised and in control. To make the most out of every space and awkward corner in your kitchen, opt for clever storage solutions personal to your own lifestyle needs. You can choose from a variety of innovative solutions, bespoke pantries, wine cooling systems, plate racks, deep drawers for pots and pans and draw inlays.

Function first – space out your appliances. This is all about practicality, position appliances together that are relevant to one another, for example place dishwashers and washers near to sinks and your refrigeration close to your prep area.

Consider your windows. If you have large windows consider installing your sink beneath them. It’s not only easier to plumb your sink straight through an external wall, it’s also a perfect place to enjoy garden views whilst washing your vegetables.

Lighting is important when it comes to the design of your kitchen. Include larger light fixtures for functionality and decorative impact. LED spot lighting is ideal for highlighting workspaces, appliances and display cabinets. If you’re fortunate enough to own a period property with high ceilings, then a chandelier might be the ideal choice to create a ‘wow’ factor.

The show will run from the 3rd-5th November at the Harrogate Convention Center, you can find us on stand C278. We’d love you see you there.

For project inspiration take a look at our very own Pinterest here