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How A Bespoke Kitchen Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

One-size fits all. Off-the-peg. These terms have a time and a place but neither belong in your bespoke kitchen – a room you use every day should be perfectly attuned and bespoke to the needs of you and your family.

Kitchens are the focal point in the home. They nourish us in so many ways; as places of comfort, entertainment and where we catch up with family and friends at the end of a busy day. The best bit is they can be made to measure so they adapt seamlessly to individual lifestyles. Whatever your home’s original style or size, a good kitchen designer can include all of the essentials and extras that beautifully fit the way you use your kitchen and the life you lead in your home every day.

Decide on the style of kitchen that suits you and your property.

Tom Howley
spacious kitchen

Spacious Kitchen

Beautifully made to enhance unique architecture

Kitchens can look cluttered because storage hasn’t been adequately considered or planned. Designers can create contemporary and elegant bespoke cabinetry and drawers that can discreetly house the items you use, leaving you with clean, streamlined surfaces. No space is wasted. If you have awkward corners or quirky spaces this will just add to the creativity of the kitchen! Even practical items such as domestic appliances are considered, they come in all shapes, sizes and brands ready to integrate seamlessly into your design.

bespoke kitchen

Contemporary Grey Kitchen

Flexible & Unique

Large families, keen chefs and social butterflies can benefit from a central island made to fit perfectly into your space. Unique construction, sleek surfaces and a streamlined design ensure the kitchen island is not only a practical piece of furniture – it’s a real talking point. Got sloping ceilings? Features such as these can be troublesome if you’re buying off-the-peg but with a bespoke kitchen, they can be incorporated to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen – making the end result truly unique.

Colours and finishes – just as you imagine

Once you’ve got your bespoke design finalised and have considered every practicality from appliances, discrete power points and storage, you can think about finishes and colours. The choice is almost limitless and you can even choose to mix and match different shades and textures including stone and wood. Advice will be given based on your expected use of work surfaces to help you to choose the right materials for a longer-lasting result. Finishing personal touches such as engraved drawers and cabinets can make your kitchen exceptionally original. Choosing a bespoke high quality kitchen means it will be built to last, standing up to everyday use and family life for years to come.