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How to Choose a Worktop for Your Kitchen Design

The right worktop elegantly ties a kitchen design together. Aesthetically beautiful and utterly practical, we recommend Caesarstone‘s quartz and porcelain surface offerings, which tick all the boxes for durability and high design. When it comes to selecting a surface that most suits your kitchen, there are many factors to consider. Read on for our guide to choosing the ultimate worktop for your kitchen with expert advice from Caesarstone.

Select a Style That Promises to Last a Lifetime

Your worktop should confidently support you through a future of cooking and entertainment. The beauty of opting for Caesarstone’s quartz and porcelain worktops in your kitchen is that you can achieve an aesthetic you love without compromising durability.

Tom Howley green kitchen with Caesarstone Arabetto worktop.

Contemporary Green Shaker Kitchen with Caesarstone Arabetto

“The worktop forms the foundation of a kitchen, setting the tone and style for the design. Designing around your surfaces will make it easier to choose your decor and will allow you to make a visual statement whilst choosing a material that coordinates with your lifestyle. Visually beautiful and utterly practical, Caesarstone worktops allow you to achieve an aesthetic you will love without compromising quality or durability. Whether you’re after a bold, dramatic style in a darker hue or looking to create a light, bright atmosphere with a softer, marble-inspired design, our quartz and porcelain surface offerings range from light to dark; shiny, smooth to tangibly textured; natural to urban; and plain to heavily veined and intricately designed. With a range that’s hand-picked by the Tom Howley design experts to suit their cabinet colourways, there is sure to be something at Caesarstone that perfectly complements your dream kitchen design.”

Grey kitchen with Caesarstone Moorland Fog worktop.
Modern Grey Shaker Kitchen with Caesarstone Moorland Fog

“With over three decades of expertise and a rigorous testing process, Caesarstone worktops are created to look beautiful for a lifetime, even when fitted in the busiest of home kitchens. Incredibly impenetrable, durable, and resilient, the surfaces are heat, stain, and scratch resistant. Additionally, our surfaces are always designed and manufactured with the planet and people in mind and our lifetime warranty ensures longevity, cementing Caesarstone surfaces as an unparalleled one-off investment in sustainable style, substance, and quality.”

Consider Colourways

Whether you’re looking to make a quiet statement with subtle hues or go for a bold, dramatic kitchen style, our paint range of 24 colours, combined with the choice of 16 Caesarstone quartz worktops, means there is something to suit all styles and tastes.

Consider pairing our deep aubergine colour, Stormy Sky with Caesarstone’s creamy white Calacatta Nuvo worktop. And Serpentine, our succulent shade of olive pairs elegantly with Caesarstone’s Organic White surface.

Dark Classic Kitchen with Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo

Alternatively, a dark worktop provides an ideal foundation to showcase contrasting features in a kitchen, such as gold hardware, bar stools upholstered in pastel velvets, and ivory wood panelling. Especially useful for bustling family life when it’s difficult to stay on top of the never-ending chaos, darker surfaces reduce the visibility of scattered crumbs and accidental spills.

Ensure Effortless Maintenance With Easy to Clean Properties

Maintenance is also one of the most important elements to consider when choosing the worktop material for your kitchen. And for those of us who like a spotless space, being able to easily wipe away spillages is a priority. Caesarstone surfaces are durable and non-porous, so cleaning up oil, juice, or coffee is as simple as one swipe. The non-porousness also inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, or mildew, remaining safe and sanitary for ultimate cleanliness. To keep the stunning shine of a worktop intact, it’s advised to use a mild soap and warm water, with no harsh chemicals or paint strippers.

Bespoke kitchens are like having a tailor-made suit, made to measure for your own unique space. Our expert designers will always advise you on the best colourways for your style, and which surfaces we would recommend for your lifestyle and chosen kitchen cabinet colour.
Take the first step toward your dream kitchen today by heading to your nearest showroom or requesting a free home design visit to make your project a reality.