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Kitchen Pantry Design Blueprint: 6 Innovative Storage Ideas

Let us (re)introduce you to one of our favourite features, the kitchen pantry. These intelligent yet strikingly beautiful storage solutions can help to keep the kitchen calm and clutter-free. There’s a wealth of kitchen pantry design options to meet your needs, from full-height slim designs and space-saving bi-folds to beautifully crafted double pantries with all the storage possibilities you can imagine.

Follow these six tips and little tricks to help you bring functionality and style to your kitchen pantry design.

1. Utilising the full height of the room and the depth of the cabinets means every inch serves a purpose. We also use smart hinges to allow the doors to be opened to 180 degrees to allow maximum reach and light, which is great for dark corners.

2. If you don’t have large areas to play with, incorporate slimmer, tall pantry cupboards around the room. Position these narrower designs in key areas of your kitchen, for example, frequently used appliances and ingredients in main prep zones and dishware or glasses close to social spaces.

3. Opt for drawers and open shelving for a multi-layered, effective storage system. Different heights of shelving should be used to allow easy access to both smaller and more bulky items. Shallow shelves are perfect for spices and cereal, while sturdy oak shelving is a good option for holding the weight of jars and tins.

4. Door racks can go a long way in keeping essential ingredients organised. Creating racks at varying heights can keep the items you use tidy and easy to locate.

5. Deep Drawers and handy storage baskets are perfect for storing more perishable items such as fruit, vegetables or breads.

6. An integrated workspace is ideal for housing small appliances. “With a greater shift towards keeping work surfaces clear of clutter, to give a more minimalist feel and allow for more prep space, the pantry serves as an excellent solution for hiding unsightly toasters or coffee machines,” says Design Director Tom Howley.

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