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Ways to Promote Wellbeing and Healthier Habits in the Kitchen

Wellness-focused interiors can encourage healthy habits and help to promote positivity and balance in our lives. Create separate wellbeing kitchen zones or ‘reset spaces’ where you can relax and forget the day’s stresses. Incorporate sensory elements such as different textures, tranquil colours and ambient lighting. Biophilic design is also here to stay, with outdoor spaces and nature becoming more integrated within the home. Below we’ve shared ten tips for creating a wellness-focused kitchen.

Traditional sink area with indoor plants to enhance wellbeing.
Grey Kitchen Design

Natural Light in the Home

Maximising natural light in the home has many benefits, from increasing your body’s feel-good serotonin levels to improving your positive wellbeing. Design tricks such as clever window placement, a light and airy colour palette, light-reflecting quartz, and glazed cabinetry can all contribute to keeping a kitchen feeling fresh and spacious.

Install a Boiling Water Tap

All-in-one boiling water taps are perfect for gaining instant access to water, encouraging you and the family to drink more. Whether you like an instant hot water drink infused with slices of lemon first thing in the morning or enjoy sparkling or filtered cold water – a Quooker tap does it all!

Maintain Order

Decluttering your food cupboards and creating organised storage zones can make accessing healthy options throughout the day much easier. Here are four tips to help you organise and maximise food storage space.

Bespoke pantry food storage.

Multiple Work Zones

If everyone loves to get stuck into the cooking in your home, consider ways to create multiple work zones. When everyone can enjoy cooking together, it helps the whole family bond and improves appreciation of good food. Encouraging younger family members to prepare food helps them understand its importance, try new flavours and make healthier choices.

Green family kitchen design.
Luxury Green Kitchen

Avoid Distractions

If your kitchen is full of distractions, paying attention to what you’re cooking and eating is harder. Limit mobile phone usage at the dinner table and encourage conversation instead. Switch off the TV during mealtimes to promote family bonding. It’s thought that when you’re not focusing on what you’re eating, it’s hard for your body to know when to stop, when it’s full, so avoiding distractions could prevent overeating too.

Grey painted dining area with bespoke bar.
Grey Kitchen Design

Personal Touches

Many modern kitchen design ideas feature open shelving concepts. Done well, this popular storage solution can actually help to open up the kitchen and create a sense of space. You can also use shelving to display items that contribute to the ambience of your room, such as fresh flowers, plants, cookbooks and scented candles.

Mood-Boosting Colours

The colours we surround ourselves with can significantly impact our moods and overall sense of wellbeing, with colours such as sunny yellows, refreshing greens, and tranquil blues proven to reduce stress levels and promote positivity. This can make all the difference in the kitchen, where we spend much of our time preparing food and gathering with loved ones.

Blue painted Tom Howley kitchen with central island.
Blue Kitchen Design

Integrated Bin Storage

Integrating bin storage into a cupboard beneath your prep area or beside your sink makes recycling and composting easier. It means vegetable peel and food wastage are cleared away instantly, ensuring your kitchen work surfaces look clean and tidy even when you’re cooking. Composting vegetable waste or other non-animal food scraps reduces landfill waste, and creates healthy soil for gardening.

Healing Greenery

This kitchen is no exception when it comes to adding greenery. Not only do houseplants serve as beautiful natural decor, but they can also promote wellbeing, purify the air and create a sense of calm, perfect for kitchen living spaces.

Home Sanctuary

To maintain calm and bring a sense of mindfulness to overwhelming days, it’s a good idea to create a separate wellbeing kitchen zone. This may be a cosy nook in the corner of a room, a window seat or floor space to roll out a yoga mat. Whether you choose to read a book, have a cup of tea, or partake in a bit of exercise, a designated wellbeing corner will help you to relax and maintain calm.

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