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Project Spotlight: Modern Family Shaker Kitchen

In recent times, our outlook on home living, especially within the kitchen, has experienced a noteworthy shift. No longer confined to its customary function as a simple cooking area, the kitchen has evolved into a central hub for socialising, unwinding, family moments, and versatile living. In developing this Butler family shaker kitchen, we focused on embodying this shift, shaping a space that transcends mere functionality – a space imbued with layers of personality to cultivate a genuine sense of togetherness and comfort.

Traditional Family Shaker Kitchen

Butler Kitchen Collection

Defined by strong, clean lines, the Butler collection brings a modern twist to family shaker kitchen design. Honouring tradition, it seamlessly integrates classic craftsmanship with features like square-framed drawers, intricate cornice, and skirting details, ensuring timeless style. 

The blending of classic principles with a modern flair resonated with our vision for this spacious, open area, offering an ideal foundation for distinctive features and a striking two-tone colour palette.

Layout: Enhancing Practicality with a Central Island

At the heart of this Butler kitchen lies a signature Tom Howley feature – a large island with a unique curved seating area designed to be the perfect hub for conversations, shared meals, and cherished moments with family and friends. Emphasising practicality, we’ve ensured a metre of clearance on all sides, balancing functionality and aesthetics.

Its large proportions meant we could integrate discrete appliances like a dishwasher and modular bins for streamlined organisation. Including a sink in the island also worked to increase surface flexibility, creating a versatile preparation and cooking area. In contrast to the Tansy painted perimeter of the kitchen, this central feature boasts a distinctive Stormy Sky purple hue, adding depth and interest to the space.

Traditional Shaker Kitchen

Storage Solutions for Effortless Organisation

Thoughtful storage allocation is the key to a clutter-free and accessible kitchen. The bespoke storage in this beautiful space has been designed to foster functionality while maintaining an elegant aesthetic, from chimney nooks for oils and spices to pull-out bin storage and bespoke drawer inserts.

Traditional Shaker Kitchen

Turning our attention to the bi-fold breakfast pantry, this versatile storage haven features adjustable shelving, a functional worktop, and drawers enhanced with bespoke cutlery and knife block inserts. The bi-fold action of the doors not only grants easier access to cupboard contents but also optimises space utilisation by eliminating the need for wide door openings. With its grand proportions and strategic placement, the bifold breakfast pantry is a defining element within this multifunctional space, skillfully connecting the dining zone and kitchen for a cohesive design.

Traditional Shaker Kitchen

Built-In Banquette Seating

We’ve introduced a bespoke L-shaped banquette seating area paired with a custom-made table and comfortable dining chairs. Placed strategically next to the breakfast pantry and in clear sight of the bustling island and prep area, it’s a practical nook that effortlessly complements the kitchen’s daily rhythm. Finished in the same rich Stormy Sky paint colour as the island and pantry, it seamlessly blends into the overall aesthetic. Not just a visual standout, it also caters to the demands of modern living with built-in plugs, offering convenience for those who need a work-from-home spot.

Traditional Shaker Kitchen

Design Details and Finishes

The cabinets showcase our popular neutral shade, Tansy, harmoniously paired with the deep allure of our striking paint colour, Stormy Sky. Antrim polished nickel handles and Caesarstone Bianco Drift worktops seamlessly blend with the cabinetry, striking the perfect balance between timeless charm and modern allure.

Traditional Shaker Kitchen

The captivating pendant lights, featuring a spherical design and highlighted by pristine white glazed globes, give the space a sense of purity while casting a soft and inviting glow throughout the room. Each element in this kitchen has been carefully selected and curated, culminating in a masterpiece that is bound to be admired for years to come. 

If you want to start your journey to owning a Tom Howley kitchen, why not book your free design visit today or visit one of our showrooms to explore our exquisite collections.