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Introducing Nottingham – Our 20th Tom Howley Showroom

Welcome to a milestone moment in our journey – the launch of Tom Howley’s 20th showroom, nestled in the charming leafy suburb of West Bridgford, Nottingham. 

Our journey from humble beginnings in 2004 to 20 showrooms in 2023 mirrors our enduring commitment to craftsmanship, design excellence, and unparalleled client experiences. These showrooms are more than just a showcase of furniture; they are the essence of who we are, and a glimpse into how a full-scale Tom Howley kitchen could seamlessly integrate into your home and lifestyle.

As homes evolve into multifunctional spaces, we’ve risen to the challenge by featuring four full-sized kitchens in our new Nottingham showroom, all with ingenious solutions that can help simplify daily routines. Additionally, we’ve introduced ‘bolt-on’ spaces such as a functional boot room, a striking walk-in pantry, a captivating media wall, a bespoke bar area, and elegant office spaces, all under one roof. Each space serves as a distinct source of interior design inspiration as you navigate the two floors.

Unveiling Our Showroom

To celebrate the opening of our new showroom, we sat down with our Creative Design Director, Tom Howley, to gain insight into this inspirational space.

Q: Where has your inspiration come from for this new showroom?

A: We continuously seek ways to evolve our kitchens, so when planning a showroom, we often pinpoint new elements that should be displayed.

For Nottingham, our inspiration primarily stemmed from observing how people’s priorities have evolved. The past few years have significantly reshaped our perception of the home, particularly the kitchen. It has transcended its traditional role as a mere cooking space and become a hub for social gatherings, relaxation, family activities, work and multifunctional living. We wanted our showroom to mirror this transformation, where kitchens seamlessly integrate with other living spaces, fostering a sense of togetherness and adaptability in today’s homes.

Q: What makes this showroom different from other Tom Howley showrooms?

A: This showroom is much larger than any we’ve worked on before, allowing us to showcase more displays and features, such as our iconic breakfast pantries, impressive island designs and ‘bolt-on’ spaces. The showroom’s unique footprint presented an interesting design challenge. It wasn’t a simple ‘box’, so we had to be creative in fitting our kitchens into the space, demonstrating how we adapt to any footprint in a client’s home. This larger space also enabled us to prominently display two full-size kitchen sets right at the entrance, creating a strong visual impact.

Q: Could you describe an overview of the showroom in terms of mood, tone and use of space?

A: As always, I adhered to the tried-and-true Tom Howley formula when designing the showroom—emphasising scale, symmetry, and placement of our signature pieces. The building housing our Nottingham showroom has lower ceilings, but our bespoke furniture ensures it doesn’t feel that way.

Each display has its moment, contributing to a natural flow through the showroom. Our Devine, painted in Moonstone, is the first display that greets you. This pale sage green hue exudes a sense of tranquillity and warmth, reminiscent of a serene countryside morning.

Our Summerville is the second kitchen on the ground floor, tucked behind our Devine design. This exquisitely crafted cabinetry is painted in Inky Sky, a beautiful blue with a sense of drama and sophistication.

Following on is our meticulously curated Butler kitchen finished in our custom paint colours, Tansy and Stormy Sky. This colour combination, paired with natural oak details and Caesarstone Bianco Drift worktops, creates a look that embodies both elegance and modernity.

Moving upstairs, the bar area and media wall strike an unforgettable first impression painted in Azurite, our earthy-blue hue. The bespoke seating area features a generous curved bench anchored into a substantial island with glazed cabinets.

Our last full-sized kitchen is our Kavanagh, painted in Nightshade, a dark hue with enigmatic blue undertones. The display is further enhanced with polished chrome Harper handles and reeded glass panels, offsetting the drama of the Nightshade cabinetry. 

Two smaller rooms towards the back of the showroom allowed us to incorporate a full-size, functional boot room and an impressive walk-in pantry that is the epitome of organisation.

Q: Is there any new product development showcased in the showroom?

A: Not new, in essence, but we really wanted to use this larger floorspace to showcase iconic Tom Howley features and solutions that have been developed to enhance how families live today. 

Our largest display, Kavanagh on the first floor, has seating for eight around the island, a trend we’re increasingly seeing – accommodating large groups or families within the kitchen space. Top-of-the-range appliances from key suppliers, including Sub-Zero, are also prominent throughout.

In our entertainers bar, we have our spirits drawer – a deep and wide drawer that is divided up to house your bottles. In addition, this bar has a large cupboard space that a family could use for snacks. These practical ideas are elevated by design elements, such as backlit cupboards showcasing decorative glassware.

Unsurpassed Service

We strive for beautiful design, and having that tangible, first-hand experience in the Nottingham showroom allows clients to immerse and imagine themselves in their future dream kitchen. Understand the materials, and be inspired by our carefully selected colours. Test out features as you would at home and discover what makes a Tom Howley kitchen truly unique.

Whether you prefer a quiet browse alone to explore our inspiring designs or have a specific project in mind, our showroom team will ensure you’re taken care of. Pull up a chair, enjoy a hot drink and discuss your ideas with our experts – they’ll be happy to share their wealth of experience and give you plenty of food for thought.

Where to Find Us

Our new Nottingham showroom is now yours to explore, so feel free to pop in! You can find us at 1-3 Gordon Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5LP.

Click here for opening times and showroom contact details.