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Galton Blackiston

Tom Howley

The Ultimate Professional Chef’s Kitchen

24th January 2020

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Have you ever wondered how a professional chef’s kitchen runs so smoothly? Well, if you want to give the layout of your kitchen a professional edge, there’s no better person to inspire you than our brand ambassador, and award-winning chef Galton Blackiston.

When it comes to understanding what a special role the kitchen plays in the home, who would know more than a Michelin-star chef? Norfolk-based Galton is the owner of the celebrated country hotel Morston Hall near Blakeney – the venue has the only restaurant with both four AA Red Rosettes and a Michelin Star award within 50 miles of its location on the spectacular North Norfolk Coast.

Hear What Galton Has to Say about the Perfect Home Kitchen

Galton believes the secret to successful cooking starts with the kitchen itself and the creation of a well-organised environment “Having the right tools to hand really can inspire creativity in the kitchen. Cooking isn’t only my job, it’s how I relax, so having a well-planned kitchen with everything I need close to hand takes the stress out of preparation and makes cooking easier.”

The author of several best-selling cookery books such as Return to Real Cooking, Recipes from Morston Hall and Hook Line Sinker: A Seafood Cookbook, Galton believes everyone can experience the benefits of a professional chef’s kitchen simply by considering the room’s layout. He says, “I prefer open plan when I’m cooking at home because everything’s close to hand and everyone’s part of the action. To make the whole process seamless, every item should have a purpose and a place – you should be able to reach whatever you need almost without thinking about it so that you can focus on your guests as well as your food.”

Galton Blackiston

“From a chef’s perspective, the kitchen designs by Tom Howley are second-to-none. The bespoke cabinetry is individually made to mirror the way you use your kitchen, and the hand-crafted storage is well-planned and considered. My perfect layout includes banked appliances, an island for entertaining and a well-stocked pantry.”

Galton’s Perfect Professional Chef’s Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Layout Plan

Banked Appliances
“You can easily recreate a professional chef’s kitchen at home with banked appliances along one wall. They’re positioned at eye level to make using everything easy. Having the oven, microwave and hob quite close together creates a flexible, functional cooking zone which simply means you’re not constantly going backwards and forwards.”

The Perfect Island
“I love my island – it’s a really sociable part of the kitchen where people can gather and chat. It has plenty of workspace for prepping and a hob for cooking; and because it’s centrally positioned, I can face my guests while I’m prepping dinner without turning my back on anyone. If you have the space, seating around the island means people can gather around and enjoy little pre-dinner tasters.”

Tom Howley Grey Kitchen

A well-stocked pantry
“Every chef’s kitchen is stocked with the essential ingredients needed to cook great food at any time. I like to organise my products, placing those with a shorter shelf-life at the front and tinned goods at the back. I make sure that I can see what I have so if I’m running low on something I can add it onto my shopping list straight away. Like a lot of chef’s kitchens, mine is pretty organised. My pantry has separate spice racks, and bespoke partitioning for tins and jars. If you have space, baskets for fruit, veg and baked goods are useful. Having a pantry can really maximise your use of space, freeing up your cabinetry for housing your crockery and utensils.”

Pantry Shelf

Learn more about our brand ambassador Galton Blackiston and discover his top cooking tips and delicious recipes ideas here.