Elegant Dressing Room

This elegant dressing room design merges classic and modern elements with a Tansy painted finish, polished nickel accents, and an island centrepiece for a sophisticated, organised space.

Step into a haven of elegance with this luxurious dressing room, meticulously designed to blend classic aesthetics with modern functionality. Painted in the popular Tansy, this spacious retreat is accented with polished nickel handles, offering a timeless aesthetic.

At its heart, a bespoke dressing table paired with a large mirror provides an opulent space for personal grooming, while mirrored wardrobe doors reflect light, enhancing the room’s airy ambiance. A blend of open and closed storage solutions, alongside versatile hanging options, ensures every item has its place. The statement island stands as the centerpiece, boasting ample drawer storage for an organised and sophisticated dressing experience.

Elegant Dressing Room Highlights

Dressing Table

Experience elegance with a bespoke dressing table, featuring a large mirror for an expansive view. Crafted for beauty and functionality, it’s the jewel of personal grooming spaces.

Elegant Dressing Room Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Our mirrored wardrobe doors seamlessly blend style and utility, reflecting natural light to brighten your space while offering a sleek, full-length view of your outfits.

Open Storage

Chic open storage solutions provide convenient access and display for your cherished items, ensuring your essentials are always within reach and beautifully showcased.

Elegant Dressing Room Mixed Hanging Options

Versatility meets style with mixed hanging options, accommodating everything from long dresses to delicate blouses, ensuring your garments are stored with care and accessibility.

Luxurious Bespoke Island

The heart of organisation, this luxurious bespoke island offers ample drawer storage, making it the perfect statement piece for those who appreciate refined elegance and functionality.

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