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The Benefits of Stone Flooring for a Family Kitchen

The question of kitchen flooring is one of the most frequently asked amongst Tom Howley’s clients. Often, clients want to know a little more about the characteristics of different flooring options and which style, colour or finish will contribute to the look and feel of their dream kitchen. At Tom Howley, we believe that natural stone or stone effect floor tiles provide a timeless, pragmatic and durable option for renovators. The variety in colour, texture and style is vast, meaning there is truly something for everyone in the stone floor tile category. Below, leading natural stone flooring company, Quorn Stone, shares the benefits of using stone flooring in a family kitchen.

A Forgiving Floor Covering

Natural stone flooring is one of the most forgiving floor coverings. Its unique beauty, intricate fossils and natural charm add a new dimension and uniqueness to your kitchen as no two tiles are ever identical. In a country-style, family kitchen, a tumbled finish provides an aged look. The stones’ worn edges, textured surface and natural markings make them extremely forgiving with day to day use and high footfall.

On the other hand, stone effect porcelain has come a long way in recent years, and the designs produced in Italy and Spain are second to none, reproducing the aesthetic qualities of stone with fewer care instructions. A porcelain tile is non-porous and will therefore provide a stain-proof option which is preferable with young children.

Add Value to Your Kitchen

Natural stone flooring contributes to a timeless look and feel in the kitchen, so you can guarantee that it will add long-term value to your property should you wish to sell down the line. Prospective buyers will appreciate the quality and tradition of a stone floor, helping them to envisage a life of their own in the hustle and bustle of a family kitchen.

A Tile That Will Stand the Test of Time

A stone effect tile is a brilliant compromise for those who want a maintenance-free kitchen floor but still love the look of a natural stone.  A rectified finish allows for ultra-narrow grout joints and ensures the main focus is on the tiles themselves. Our stone effect porcelain comes in an array of styles that range from sleek and contemporary with straight cut edges, to more rustic designs with worn edges. Their scratch-resistant surfaces and colour bodied clay make these a practical choice for family kitchens.

Easy to Maintain

Natural limestone tiles are also low maintenance and hard-wearing – great for the coming and goings of everyday life. The tumbled finish is achieved through a gentle ageing process, softening the stone markings and giving a gentle edge and pastel-like appearance. This is perfect for country-style homes, and ideal for clients who want a rustic look. Brushed tiles have a matt-to-slight-sheen surface, with a subtle texture and straighter edges than tumbled. The brushing process is with steel brush heads, wearing away at the softer minerals within the stone.

Ultimately, choosing the flooring for your dream kitchen is as personal a choice as selecting a paint colour for your cabinetry. There is such a variety of natural and stone-effect porcelain available, meaning you can choose a style that complements your colour scheme and streamlines your day to day living in the kitchen, the heart of the home.