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Tom Howley Showroom Spotlight – Cheltenham

Set in the heart of the Cotswolds, this delightful regency town boasts an abundance of celebrated historic architecture, charming coffee shops, trendy gastropubs, verdant gardens, and stylish boutiques, making it the perfect location for a Tom Howley showroom.

Located on Montpellier Walk, our captivating Cheltenham showroom occupies a place with rich historical significance. Initially established as the primary spa district during the 1830s, this renowned area is characterised by its iconic structures adorned with the prominent Caryatids of Montpellier. These magnificent sculptures, affectionately known as the ‘armless ladies,’ were inspired by classical designs from the Acropolis in Athens and have graced the facades of buildings since their creation in 1840.

Kitchen Collections on Display

As you explore our showroom, you’ll be greeted by a myriad of fresh and inspiring designs. You will discover our breathtaking Periwinkle Hartford kitchen, awe-inspiring Dewberry Devine design featuring our iconic double pantry, and striking Kavanagh design in a captivating dark green hue, complete with state-of-the-art live appliances.

Dark Green Kavanagh Kitchen

The idea with all of our showrooms is that they are not only a collection of furniture designs, but rather a demonstration of how a full-size Tom Howley kitchen may look and feel in your own home. You can personally engage with various features, gain insights into our high-quality materials, explore different colour schemes, and uncover the distinctive elements that set our designs apart.

Meet the Team

Enhancing the experience in our Cheltenham showroom is our friendly and knowledgeable team. We recently asked our talented Cheltenham designer, Nerys, to shine a light on this remarkable space.

How would you describe the Tom Howley Cheltenham showroom?

This beautiful showroom is split over two floors. Upon entering, you are greeted by a spacious Hartford display in Periwinkle blue, surrounded by large floor-to-ceiling windows which flood the space with natural light. The kitchen features our iconic fan-shaped island and signature pieces such as a feature mantle and worktop dressers.

Blue Hartford Kitchen

As you make your way upstairs, you will encounter the pantry of dreams, with doors wide open. Clients can see the magnificently specified pantry interior features, flanked by two glass display dressers. The cabinetry painted in Dewberry is part of our Devine collection, one of the most detailed and ornate styles of cabinetry that we offer.

Dark Grey Devine Design

Making your way around the corner of the second floor is Kavanagh in Avocado green; this is a more contemporary take on the shaker design and is usually a showstopper for people exploring the showroom. Clients love the simplicity and modern lines this style gives – it also features our popular burnished brass wire scroll handles.

Dark Green Kavanagh Kitchen

At the back of the second floor is our Summerville design in our classic Chicory paint colour. The introduction of curved pilaster edges on this design gives the Summerville a cosy cottage vibe, which would be equally at home in large new builds, depending on colours and handle finishes.

Summerville Grey Kitchen Design

Featuring five out of the six ranges Tom Howley offers, the Cheltenham showroom allows clients to thoroughly explore all avenues of inspiration when shopping for a new kitchen.

What are some of the standout design features within the showroom?

The showroom showcases aspirational cabinetry and key signature Tom Howley details.

Our Periwinkle Hartford features a distinct chimney with a timeless mantel design – a popular choice with many clients as a way to conceal the extractor in a more inconspicuous architectural way. It acts as a stunning focal point framing the range cooker with open-shelf niches, further adding to the function and aesthetic of the chimney breast.

This beautiful blue Hartford also features a fan-shaped island, unique to Tom Howley. The island includes a sink, bin, and dishwasher on one side, with the back fan shape providing enough room for four stools, making the island feel more sociable.

Blue Hartford Kitchen

Our Butler display, painted in Thistle, features a bi-fold countertop cabinet. This is one of the most widely requested pieces of furniture on wish lists. It is loved for its practicality and is versatile enough to be used as a drinks area, breakfast cabinet, or general-purpose storage station to hide various countertop appliances when not in use.

The double-door pantry in our Devine kitchen instantly turns heads. It features solid oak drawers and solid oak door bottle racks. Many clients opt for this impressive design because of its quality, size, and practicality. It can be designed bespoke to the client’s specifications, whether opting for multiple drawers, adjustable shelving or a stone work surface inside.

Guide to Cheltenham

The Tom Howley showroom is situated in Montpellier, which offers an extensive choice of beautiful boutiques and luxury shopping; also within walking distance is the main high street, for which people travel far and wide.

The boutique hotel 131, the Ivy at the iconic Cheltenham Rotunda building, and Brasserie Blanc all offer feasts for the senses, within a 2-minute walk from the showroom – the perfect places to grab lunch whilst visiting us.

Well known for its various festivals and events throughout the year, Cheltenham offers the Literature Festival, Jazz Festival, Food and Drink Festival, Music Festival, Science Festival, and of course, the well-known Cheltenham races. There is always something going on for everybody in this popular gem of the Cotswolds throughout the year.

Where to Find Us

With its beautiful displays and friendly, knowledgeable staff, a visit to the Tom Howley showroom in Cheltenham will surely be an enjoyable and inspiring experience. You can find us at 1-2 Montpellier Walk Montpellier Cheltenham GL50 1SD. Open Monday – Saturday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and Sunday by appointment only.

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