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Tom Howley Showroom Open Day – You’re Invited

We’re excited to host inspiring open days on Friday, the 31st of March, and Saturday, the 1st of April in our Tom Howley showrooms.

Immerse yourself in our full-size kitchen displays, experience the quality of our materials and delve behind the doors of some of our signature features. Complimentary refreshments and snacks will also be served throughout the day for you to enjoy.

Cheltenham Showroom, Dark Green Kitchen

A kitchen project can initially seem overwhelming, so our designers will be in our showrooms to advise you on all aspects of your kitchen design. From choosing the right layout to working with you to find the perfect combination of cabinetry, appliances, aesthetics and functionality. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to gather any insight and inspiration for your next project.

“The idea with our showrooms is that they are not just a collection of furniture designs, but rather a demonstration of how a full-size Tom Howley kitchen may look and feel in your own home. In all nineteen showrooms, you can test out features, understand the materials, experiment with colour schemes and discover what makes our designs truly unique.”

Creative Design Director, Tom Howley.

If you’re ready to start a Tom Howley project, then our open days are not to be missed. We will provide you with fresh interior ideas whilst you enjoy your day out browsing our latest designs. Our showrooms will be open between 9.30am and 5.30pm, or 10am-6pm in our London locations.*

You can confirm your free place here.

*Our Islington showroom remains closed during this time.