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What Are the Benefits of Bespoke Fitted Kitchens?

Bespoke fitted kitchens are designed with you in mind. Rather than choosing an off-the-peg solution, you control everything you want, from the cabinetry to the appliances, even down to the finer details. Monogrammed drawers, anyone? We’ve shared five reasons why a bespoke fitted kitchen could be the best investment you can make.

1. Custom-Built Fitted Kitchens for You

Whether your kitchen is open plan, has high ceilings, awkward alcoves or quirky original features, our designers will work with the opportunities that exist within your space. For example, if you have space for a double pantry design, why settle for anything less? We will work with the proportions and distinctive style of your home to create a made-to-measure fitted kitchen that’s totally unique to you, the style of your property and the way you’ll use your kitchen.

Grey fitted kitchen with central bespoke island.
Spacious Fitted Kitchen Design

2. Perfectly Fitted Designs

Sometimes, off-the-peg kitchens rely on filler panels to fit awkward spaces or to close gaps. Bespoke fitted kitchens are expertly designed from scratch to perfectly fit your unique home. Our designers will consider proportions and find a way to maximise every inch of space. With a bespoke fitted kitchen, you’ll also benefit from seamless positioning for an effortless flow that’s easy on the eye. 

3. Flexible Design Ideas for Fitted Kitchens

At Tom Howley, we believe almost anything is possible and our experienced, highly trained designers and craftspeople see opportunities where others may see challenges. If you have a beautiful big window, we can make the most of your incredible view. We’ll position your island, work surfaces and seating to make the most of your aspect and enhance the best features in your home. We’ll even make helpful suggestions to showcase traditional alcoves or original fireplaces – features that can often be stumbling blocks for off-the-peg kitchen designs.

Bespoke classic white Tom Howley kitchen.
Classic Family Kitchen

4. Kitchen Design Ideas to Suit Your Lifestyle

Keen chef? Social butterfly? Busy professional? Family-focussed? You’ll have a good idea about how you will use your kitchen before you even speak to our designers. Your individual needs are our priority, so as soon as you share your lifestyle habits, our designers will create a kitchen layout that will not only reflect your personality but will make life in the kitchen feel easier too. With bespoke fitted kitchens, you’re in the driving seat. Choose appliances you know you’ll need or invest in ones that have always been on your wish list. Maybe that’s a bespoke Miele built-in coffee maker, a wine fridge, or an oversized Sub Zero fridge/freezer if that’s what will make your kitchen perfect. Want more worktop space? Consider it done. Want an island with extra seating? If your space can take it, we’ll design it to your exact specification. And everything will be at the height and in the position you require.

Dark green made-to-measure kitchen.
Dark Green Fitted Shaker Kitchen

5. Personalised Kitchen Finishes

Once you’ve chosen your kitchen design, you can have fun selecting its finish. Chosen correctly, colour in the kitchen can have the power to change your perception and mood within a space. We have 24 unique paint colours that can be mixed and matched to enhance and coordinate with your home’s décor. From dramatic darks to brilliant bolds and subtle neutrals, our designers will work with you to choose either a single colour, or a selection of shades that can be used to both complement your kitchen and reflect your personal taste. We also provide a selection of exclusive handle designs and we’re able to provide bespoke detailing too, such as monograms, crests and more.

Bespoke Tom Howley Kitchen with blue fitted island.
Blue Shaker Kitchen


What Is a Bespoke Kitchen?

Bespoke kitchens are made-to-measure for your own unique space, and its design considers how you want to use it from the word ‘go’. A British-made Tom Howley kitchen can last for decades, so you’ll be getting the most value for your money.

How Much are Bespoke Fitted Kitchens?

Whether you see your kitchen as a primarily functional, practical space or you prefer to use your kitchen as place to socialise with friends, choosing a bespoke high-quality kitchen means it will be built to last, and will stand up to everyday use and family life for years to come.

Are Bespoke Kitchens Worth It?

Budgets are project specific and partially dictated by the size of your space and your individual requirements. We will discuss the possible investment for a Tom Howley kitchen from the very first meeting, so you’re always comfortable and in control of the cost. While it can be more expensive upfront, the cabinets are more durable and won’t need to be replaced for years. Treat with care, and they will last a lifetime, they can even be repainted to freshen up or completely change the colour.

To find out more about Tom Howley’s luxury bespoke fitted kitchens why not visit your nearest showroom? You can find your nearest showroom here or you can call us on 0161 873 8333.