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How Artwork Can Add an Unexpected Touch of Colour in the Kitchen

The kitchen isn’t usually the first place we consider when displaying artwork in the home. However, it can be a quick and easy way to add personality and a touch of colour in the kitchen. Style up open shelving with small considered pieces, create a statement focal point with a large painting or fill an empty wall with a montage of memories. The choice is yours.

Art belongs in the kitchen just as much as it does in the rest of the home. Emma Moir from Box Galleries tells us why, “Artwork in a kitchen can both brighten neutral decor, as well as add character, and personalise a space in which we often spend a lot of our time. With the trend of open plan living, the kitchen is now an extension of the living space, and therefore artwork is a must to create the right mood. Whether it’s more of a traditional abstract tying in similar tones to the kitchen style or a pop of colour with contemporary artwork, Box Galleries can advise and create a bespoke look that no one else will have in their home.”

Tom Howley blue kitchen with artwork.
Blue Fitted Kitchen

Artful Ways to Add Colour

Chosen correctly, colour in the kitchen can have the power to change your perception and mood within a space. This not only applies to the colour of your cabinetry but artwork too. Art can be an excellent alternative for those that are colour-curious but less inclined to repaint walls and cabinets over time.

Colourful kitchen design.
Dark Green Shaker Kitchen 
Project: @redcliffhouse_renovation

Opt for complementary shades and tones that feature throughout the kitchen, creating one cohesive look. You can choose contemporary screen prints that tie in with the colour of your island, strike inspiration with a contrasting still life, create a conversation point with a bold canvas or add warmth with guilt-framed paintings and family photographs. The kitchen is the soul of your home so remember the colours and art you choose should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle.

How to Decorate with Art in the Kitchen

Artful Shelving

Kitchen shelving allows you to experiment and play around with colour and pattern, and the best thing is you can switch up and rearrange these areas whenever the mood takes you. Framed artwork, vibrant ceramics or small sculptures can all work to add interest and even inspire new culinary delights.

Tom Howley blue kitchen with colourful styled open shelving.
Blue Fitted Kitchen

When displaying artwork on kitchen shelving, a key point to note is not to jumble too many pieces together. For the art to work seamlessly within the space, make sure that any pieces you choose are of the same or similar design, colour or tone to the rest of your kitchen. A simple trick is to find a ‘skeleton’ piece and then place objects of a similar style or colour around it. Remember to stand back and judge the balance and symmetry of the display and bear in mind that unfilled spaces are as important as filled spaces in your composition.

Striking Focal Point

A single piece of artwork can do the trick if you’re looking to create a real impact with colour. Not only will it add personality and brighten the mood, but bold accent colour can also work wonders to lift a neutral kitchen colour palette. When creating a focal point with colourful artwork, you need to have restraint. Any clashing colours, bold furniture or statement decor pieces will compete for your eye’s attention. 

If you can’t find a perfect statement piece, blur the lines between living areas and your kitchen by framing unique wallpaper with colours featured throughout the open plan space.

Colour in the kitchen with statement artwork.
Spacious Hartford Kitchen

Breakfast Nook Gallery Wall

A stylish gallery wall in a dining area or breakfast nook can be a great conversation starter. You can display photos full of memories or a collection of art that’s been thoughtfully sourced. Look at what mood you want to evoke and whether it fits with the space and interior style. You don’t want to force pieces together. Instead, a gallery wall should feel layered and created over time. 

When curating your gallery wall, lay the pictures out first and decide on the spacing in-between your pieces. You don’t want it to become overwhelming, so be careful with the number of frames and styles you use.

Practical Placement

Here are a few points to consider when selecting and displaying artwork in the kitchen:

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