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How to Design a Stunning Grey Kitchen to Complement Any Home

Neutral and versatile, grey is the perfect shade for any contemporary kitchen. You can mix and match different grey kitchen paint colours to create depth or add a fresh twist to your bespoke cabinetry.

You can choose dramatic darks for a sophisticated, modern feel or lighter, brighter greys that can give the illusion of more space. When it comes to shades of grey, there are a number of smoky hues that can lift and enliven kitchens, bringing character, impact and timeless elegance.

Curved Grey Kitchen

How to Choose the Right Grey Shade

Grey kitchens are here to stay. Whether light or dark, grey is a powerful neutral that blends wonderfully with many other colours. It’s also a quietly elegant backdrop for patterns and textures, allowing statement decoration or artwork to stand out.

Tom Howley designers are on hand with help and advice when choosing colour combinations. When done correctly, grey can create a sense of space and highlight details such as original tiles or open shelving. Our carefully considered grey palette has been collated after extensive research and reflects colour trends in the broader interiors industry. By working with our experienced designers, you can create a kitchen that’s unique to your home, your personal needs and individual style.

Introducing Our Most Popular Shades for Grey

Grey is calming and softens a room. In psychology, it represents peace and balance, which is so important within a home. It’s practical, simple and reliable. From smoky sophistication to blue-grey and fresh-feeling pale hues, take a look at how grey is used to enhance these sensational kitchens below.


Dark Grey Kitchen Design

Orchid and Marjoram Combination

Contemporary Grey Kitchen


Classic Grey Kitchen Design


Modern Grey Kitchen Design

To create contrast or a balance of light and space, you can give your grey kitchen the wow factor by using two or more shades of grey. A neutral palette can soften the symmetry and angular lines of our shaker-inspired designs. Whichever shade you choose, grey kitchens tend to promote a peaceful atmosphere that’s ideal in a busy, functional space like your kitchen.

What Colour Goes With Grey Kitchen Units?

We believe grey is so versatile it works with most other colours, from bright orange to sky blue, but to get an eye-catching contrast, choose similar tones. For example, warm ochres look good with darker greys, while cool duck-egg blue looks great in a pale to mid-grey kitchen scheme. Mustard tones and shades of sage work beautifully in dark and mid-grey kitchens.

Pair pale grey with dark navy for an ultra-cool and modern result. Navy can act as a subtle substitute for neutrals adding depth and visual interest without overpowering the room. Mustard tones and shades of sage work beautifully in dark and mid-grey kitchens.

Our serene, Chicory paint colour looks incredible paired with rich deep oak accents and white Silestone Yukon. If you’re worried about a space feeling empty or cold, choose warmer hues and pair them with natural wood finishes which will give the room a captivating sense of warmth.

Grey Family Kitchen

Adding Warmth to a Grey Kitchen

Even large spaces can feel cosy and welcoming. Tom Howley designer, Emily Rumble believes creating defined zones in the kitchen is a wonderful way to add a homely feel. “The positioning of cabinetry is important, getting the right lighting, and changing textures – for example, stone or marble worktops with wooden cabinetry is an effective visual combination. Soft furnishings such as rugs in the living or dining area will delineate your seating space and make it feel cosy, as will floor lamps, as these can create cosy pools of lighting.”

How to Accessorise a Grey Kitchen

Because grey is one of the most versatile neutrals on the colour wheel, the expression ‘anything goes’ is probably one of the reasons grey kitchens will never go out of style.

Dark grey shades are instantly warmed by brass or gold accents. Choose to display brass decor on shelving, go for brushed brass lighting to give your room a classic yet modern look or choose gold hardware that will stand out against grey cabinetry. Paler greys look amazing when paired with dark wooden floors or with dark, graphite grey tiling as a splashback.

Dark Grey Kitchen

You can have fun with colour if your grey kitchen has a living zone. Cooler greys look great with pastels. Choose warm textures to keep things cosy such as soft throws, thick rugs, or a contrasting colour fabric sofa. When you have a grey kitchen, choosing a dramatic piece of artwork or statement lighting can add personality to your space and remember, you can change your colour pops – whether this is lighting, accessories or even art – to keep things irresistibly fresh.

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