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Kitchen Design Ideas for a Healthier Lifestyle

As the nights get lighter and the beginning of spring is only a few weeks away, why not rethink your kitchen design to promote healthier habits for the year ahead.

Already this year we’re seeing new trends around healthy eating, natural food choices and reduced use of materials such as plastic. If you’re unsure of where to make changes we’ve put together a few kitchen design tips that will help make eating healthier and living well a whole lot easier.

What to Consider When Creating a Healthy Kitchen

Embarking on healthier habits takes a bit of planning, but if you have the right tools to hand living well becomes second nature. Our gadget picks for healthier eating and food preparation include:

• Miele Steam Oven
This clever cooker makes meal preparation easy. Gentle steaming equals even cooking and intensifies the natural aroma of the food. Steaming also ensures essential nutrients are retained.

• Quooker Tap
This hot and cold water appliance is perfect for encouraging all the family to drink more water. Whether you like an instant hot water drink infused with slices of lemon first thing in the morning or you enjoy sparkling or filtered cold water – a Quooker tap does it all!

Quooker Tap

• Blenders
Whether you choose a Sub Zero and Wolf blender or a compact Nutribullet for goodness on the go, these nifty gadgets are the perfect way to enjoy your five-a-day. Use yours to prepare healthy soups, sauces and smoothies – they’re a great way to use up leftover fruits and veg too.

• Spiraliser
This inspired gadget makes giving up carbs easy. They transform raw fruit and vegetables into spaghetti-like strands, which easily substitute for pasta. We love courgette carbonara!

• Olive oil sprayer
Fill this clever tool with your favourite cooking oil and instantly start using less. Reducing your oil intake is believed to be a good way to reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Wake up to Natural Light

If your rooms are flooded with natural daylight, you instantly feel more alert and uplifted. Even on gloomy days, if natural light is flowing through your rooms, you don’t have to rely on electric lighting. If you’re renovating or updating your home, consider the size of the windows in your new rooms and also where you want to place them to maximise your view.

Multiple Work Zones

If everyone loves to get stuck into the cooking in your home, consider ways to create multiple work zones. When everyone can enjoy time cooking together, it helps the whole family to bond and improves appreciation of good food. Encouraging younger members of the family to prep food helps them to understand its importance, try new flavours and to make healthier choices.

Open Shelving

Instead of making a room look cluttered, well-organised open shelving can create the illusion of more space in your kitchen and makes the room to feel more inviting. Many modern kitchen design ideas feature open shelving concepts as it makes finding kitchen essentials easier. You can also use the space to display items that contribute to the ambience of your room such as fresh flowers, plants, cookbooks and scented candles.

Clever Integrated Bin Storage

Integrating bin storage into a cupboard beneath your prep area or next to your sink makes recycling and composting easier. It means vegetable peel and waste food is cleared away instantly ensuring your kitchen work surfaces look clean and tidy even when you’re cooking. Composting vegetable waste or other non-animal food scraps cuts down on landfill waste and creates healthy soil for gardening.

Avoid Distractions

If your kitchen is full of distractions, it’s harder to pay attention to what you’re cooking and eating. Try to limit mobile phone usage at the dinner table and encourage conversation instead. Switch off the TV during mealtimes to promote family bonding. It’s thought that when you aren’t focusing on what you’re eating, it’s hard for your body to stop when it’s full, so avoiding distractions could prevent overeating too.

Social Kitchen Design

Kitchen design ideas such as seating around your island or sofas in an open plan kitchen/living area bring people together at crucial times of the day. Social spaces where people can sit in comfort can also encourage a relaxed and atmosphere.

To find out how your kitchen design can improve your wellbeing in 2020, request a brochure or book a design visit today.