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6 Tips for Transitioning Your Kitchen Decor for Summer

As summer draws near with its warmth and longer days, it presents an ideal opportunity to revitalise your home. By transitioning your kitchen decor to embody the essence of summer, you can effortlessly elevate the mood and establish the perfect social space for friends and family.

In this blog post, we will delve into six valuable tips that will guide you in transforming your kitchen into a delightful summer oasis.

Tip 1: Declutter and Organise

The start of summer is the ideal time to declutter and organise your kitchen, before you welcome guests around for BBQs and afternoon catch ups outside. To make it easier, look at one space at a time, and visualise how you want each area to function. Once you have identified the key problem areas, make a manageable task list, ticking them off as you go. A clutter-free and organised kitchen can help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the new season.

Tom Howley bespoke green pantry with open shelving.
Luxury Green Walk-In Pantry

Tip 2: Bring in Fresh Flowers

Flowers have long been celebrated for their ability to uplift moods and bring joy to any room, and the kitchen is no exception. You can instantly breathe life into your kitchen decor by placing a vase of freshly cut flowers on your countertop or a small potted plant on a windowsill. Opt for bright and blooming varieties like sunflowers, daisies, or roses to evoke the essence of summer. Indoor plants, such as herbs or chillies, not only add visual appeal but also serve a practical purpose by providing fresh ingredients for your culinary adventures.

Tip 3: Incorporate Natural Decor Elements

Try incorporating natural materials within your decor, such as wood, rattan, artisan ceramics or linen textiles. Not only do these materials provide an earthy aesthetic, but they also create a harmonious connection with the outdoors.

Green Shaker Kitchen – Project: @redcliffhouse_renovation

Tip 4: Create a Refreshing Beverage Station

Summer calls for cool and refreshing drinks, so why not dedicate a corner of your kitchen to a bespoke bar? Include shelving to display a selection of glasses, an integrated fridge to store your favourite beverages, and a beautiful quartz surface for setting up drinks during summer soirees. This dedicated space is bound to be a focal point within your kitchen, and the perfect spot to gather with friends.

Tip 5: Playful and Vibrant Accessories

Inject some energy and playfulness into your kitchen by incorporating vibrant accessories. Think colourful dishware, patterned cushions, or a statement vase. These pops of colour will enliven your kitchen and make it an inviting space for gatherings and meal preparations.

Green Shaker Kitchen – Project: @redcliffhouse_renovation

Tip 6: Let Fresh Scents Fill the Air

Nothing captures the essence of summer quite like the delightful scents that accompany it. Introduce scented candles, diffusers, or fresh herb pots to infuse your kitchen with invigorating aromas. Consider fragrances such as citrus, lavender, or fresh-cut grass to evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. These scents will not only uplift your mood but also enhance the overall summer experience in your kitchen.

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