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Spotlight on Kitchen Storage

The success and style of every kitchen starts with storage. For a well-functioning space every piece of kitchenware, utensil or even appliances need a place to belong. Every cupboard, drawer, shelf or pantry should be designed around the way you use your kitchen; whether you cook or socialise in it.

How to maximise kitchen storage in your home

At Tom Howley, smart kitchen storage solutions are high on every designer’s agenda, whether you have a small galley kitchen or open plan living space. These days, having a place to hide away essentials is just one part of it; practical efficiency and style are equally important. From bespoke hand-crafted cabinetry to stunning open shelving perfect for displaying personal possessions and favourite pieces, there’s a storage solution for every client. The key is finding the right combination for your lifestyle.

Kitchen Storage

Bespoke Pantries

You may opt for a double, floor to ceiling pantry, a single slim design or a pull-out concealed one, in any case, a pantry is a smart solution for kitchens of all sizes. High up on homeowners wish lists our designers work with clients to create a pantry solution that perfectly fits in with day to day life. The shelving and racking options give you a place for everything, a perfect choice for everyone from the organised chef to the busy parent. With so much available space to store items beautifully, kitchen pantries bring order to the busiest of environments.

A good organisation trick is to place utensils, everyday equipment and cooking elements at a lower level making it easier to grab what you need, when you want it. When it comes to stocking up on food place older ingredients and goods to the front and lasting ingredients towards the back to prevent any wastage. You can read more about our kitchen pantries here.

Open Kitchen Storage

Dark Grey Shaker Style Kitchen

Stylish Open Storage

Open shelves are a fantastic way to store and stack your stylish tableware, pots and pans. When your good taste is always on display, it’s a great incentive to keep your kitchen tidy. As well as showcasing your culinary style, open storage is perfect for placing potted plants. Whether that’s herbs or decorative varieties, open shelving gives your kitchen oodles of colour and personality.

Done well, open shelving helps to open up the kitchen and create a sense of space. It allows everything to be close to hand. If you want to use open shelving more practically for ingredients why not display a collection of storage jars arranged for a stylish yet functional look.

Innovative Solutions

Kitchen Storage Solutions


Why not keep appliances beautifully concealed behind closed doors, to create a sleek, seamless look throughout the kitchen. An innovative workspace behind pantry doors is ideal for housing a coffee machine or other small appliances.

Kitchen Drawer Storage

Deep Drawers

The inclusion of deep drawers means all of your everyday pots, pans and trays can be stored neatly out of sight. For maximum efficiency place these next to cooking areas or within your island for easy reach.

Bespoke Inlays

Bespoke Inlays

How many minutes are lost every week looking for essentials in drawers or cupboards? Bespoke inlays provide a beautiful space to neatly store the things you use most often like cutlery and cooking utensils. When everything is in its own area you can reach for it instantly. Since you can see everything at a glance, you’ll know when you’re running out of an item.

Kitchen Cabinets

Grey Painted Hartford Kitchen

Glass Fronted Cabinets

Like open shelving, glass-fronted cabinets are a fantastic, stylish kitchen storage option. Why hide away your precious pieces when you can display your crystal and best tableware behind glazed doors? Glass also encourages the flow of natural light around the kitchen opening up enclosed spaces. Used in the right places, glass-fronted cabinets can make your kitchen look even more spacious. You can also add integrated mood lighting to further enhance items on display.

For more information about our bespoke kitchen storage options why not pop into one of our showrooms or book your free design visit today.